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So I want a trike! But what kind of trike?

From what I've learned over the internet, trikes can have two front wheels, and then they are called 'tadpoles', and trikes can have two rear wheels, and these are called 'deltas'.
Aren't there any other configurations possible?
Oh, yes there are! What about sidecars? Or this:

well, blow me down !
Okay, okay, that's a lot of fun, but in the early years of motorized transport, people were at least inventive and not just copying each others ideas!

Now stability can be an issue on these trikes, three wheels are more vunerable to turning over than fourwheelers. When it comes to speed, tadpoles seem to be more stable than deltas. So for me it's quite obvious that I will go for a tadpole, since I simply can't take the risk of injuring my back one more time.

What I have in mind, as an 'ideal' tricycle for myself, is a cross between a Batavus Relaxx, a handicapped tricycle and a Saxonette.The latter being a German bicycle equipped with a tiny 30cc two-stroke engine in the rear wheel. This engine is tuned down to 24kph (15MPH), but with a replacement ignition system, is know to run more freely, meaning a reduced fuel consumption (as a result of a better combustion) and a higher revving speed. In the standard bicycle frame, speeds of over 32kph (20MPH) have been know... waaaaaaaaaaaw ;-)

In all my dreamtrike would need three donors:

batavus relaxx + trike + sachs engine

In a standard bicycle frame, the SACHS engine is capable of running 1.2 liters/100 km,
that is  nearly 200 MPG, yes: two hundred miles per gallon ! In a trike, of course, the mileage should be better, since there is less drag...

And who knows, perhaps with a little streamlining...

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De Panne (BE)
April 3, 2007

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