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Chopper and shopper Ultra small Kettler Alurad
Scooma foldable Hicker K2-1000 with Grimeca wheels cruiser on the beach

My bikes

Here are some of my recent bicycles.

Chopper and Shopper started their lives as identical twins, bought at Go-Sport. Chopper received a Springer fork, sissybar, banana-seat, leather streamers and even got smiley-valve covers. Shopper was spoiled with a shopping-basket...

The Kettler Alurad was really tiny, with a 12" front and 16" rear wheel. Despite its size, I managed to ride it, being 6ft5 tall..

The foldable Scooma is the latest bike in the shed. Folds in an instant, easy to take on holiday.

The Hicker K2-1000 was build from an empty frame, and got Italian alloy Grimeca wheels. (b.t.w. this is a colour photo!)

Below my electric bikes: Sparta Pharos, Giant LaFree, Gazelle Easy Glider and the current Batavus E-Go. There is a test report on each of them on the Dutch pages, not in English since these bikes aren't found outside NL & BE. I did do a page on how to rejuvenate a battery for an e-bike.
Sparta Pharos Gazelle Easy Glider
Giant LaFree Batavus E-Go

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