My trike

With sister on first trike (1960) luna trike
Inca Senior sachs motor Magura hydraulic brakes

Inca Senior

I got myself a trike, it's my second one, after the kiddie-trike I posed on in 1960 with my big sis. I did own an Eastern-German motor bike MZ with "Superelastik" side car (who ever came up with that name?), but I'm not quite sure one can call this a 'trike".

So I was fortunate to find an older model three-wheeler, a Dutch artisan made INCA SENIOR, made for the elderly and disabled. It was equipped with Magura hydraulic (!) rim-brakes at the rear and has SACHS 301 two-stroke, 30cc motor with electric (!) starter.

I drove a four mile test ride with the trike and it seems it's in need of 'some' tuning: the spark is very weak, and the battery was flat. After charging the 12 V 1.2 Ah NiCad battery the starter motor is turning over like hell, but the motor still refuses to start. Only a fierce wank at the pull-starter seems to be able to bring the engine to life. Once running, the push-in-the-back is hardly felled: a healthy SACHS 301 delivers a mere 0.7 HP, or some 500 Watts. Given the fact that this engine is in need of some TLC, my guess is that there is less than 250 Watts available. Anyway: I will try to get it running properly and perhaps the idea to build a recumbent tadpole will be adapted into a delta...

Update: the Inca was given an complete overhaul by my friend Walter (there's a page dedicated to him on this website) and handed over to someone in need for this kind of transport.

I keep on dreaming of the Lunatrike....

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